VOTE Initiatives

Voter Outreach, Training, & Education

(VOTE) Initiatives

Throughout the year, CAUSE conducts various voter outreach, training, and education efforts in order to empower the APA community to be active political participants. By ensuring the community has a reliable means to register to vote and also be informed of the issues relevant to the community, CAUSE forms a network of motivated individuals ready to empower others to be civically engaged. CAUSE workshops, outreach programs, and materials also especially cater to limited English proficient voters requiring Asian in-language support.

Voter Education Workshops

Our workshops provide voters with more easily accessible information about voter registration, ballot information, and general questions regarding upcoming elections. Workshops conducted also help to inform citizens on various propositions that would be on their ballots.

In-Language Translation Support

CAUSE partners with local organizations and agencies at all levels of government to provide vital in-language translation support to the Asian Pacific American community’s diverse electorate. Past partners have included the California Secretary of State and the California League of Women Voters.

Voter Empowerment Workshops

Our workshops educate students in helping them to understand how to become politically active to better their community. Workshop exercises empower youth participants to take initiative by addressing their community issues through spreading awareness on their school campus and vocalizing  concerns to their representatives at the local, state, and federal levels.