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The Women in Power (WIP) program is an annual speaker summit that aims to create opportunities for candid discussion regarding issues that women leaders face and to explore strategies for overcoming them. The program helps women professionals achieve their full leadership potential.


Women in politics

Our women in politics panel explores what it takes to break through the glass ceiling. Why are only 10% of politicians women? What are the challenges and opportunities of running for office?

Public Policy

In this panel, policy experts explore issues such as the gender pay gap and what women can do in their workplace to contribute to a positive change.

Special feature industry

This panel places a spotlight on a special hot industry of the moment.

Meet our 2017 leadership summit speakers

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Past speakers

  • “We need to encourage more of our API leaders to get involved in politics to get more people elected to office. The government sector and the public sector is so important to the work that we do. It’s important to find a way to make it happen.”

    Irene Hirano-Inouye President, US-Japan Council
  • "I know how important women's voices are, I know how important grassroots activism is, and I know women can make a difference."

    The Honorable Kirsten Gillibrand US Senator, New York
  • "If we’re going to redefine what success means...beyond money and power, it’s going to be women who will lead the way."

    Arianna Huffington Journalist & Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post

Did you know?

women in politics

Only 10% of US politicians are women.

gender pay gap

women make 78¢ for every $1 men earn

executive leadership

only 20% of executives are women

What people say

  • "Having women in power shows women that there is a place for them [in leadership roles] in all different sectors."

    Sukanya Mukherjee Student
  • "Women in power shows us that we cannot have leadership in silos."

    Sandra Chen Lau Chief Development Officer, USC Pacific Asia Museum


We’re helping women foster a community built on leadership, inspiration, and mentorship.

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