Leadership Network End of the Year Dinner

20181218 cln group

Los Angeles, CA – On December 13, 2018, CAUSE held the End-of-the-Year Leadership Network Dinner at Maccheroni Republic. The evening focused on highlighting the successes of CLN and all its members in 2018, as well as introducing plans for 2019.


Kim Yamasaki, Executive Director of CAUSE, welcomed attending members and gave an overview of the evening’s plans.

20181218 cln1

She announced that Adam Ma’s move from the Leadership Council into an expanded role as Vice Chair of the CAUSE Board of Directors, and Elnie Vannatim’s stepping down from her role in the Leadership Council but will continue to be involved with the Leadership Network. She thanked them for their efforts in 2018!

20181218 cln3

Adam Ma, Community Relations Manager at SoCalGas and member of the Leadership Council, gave a recap on what the Leadership Network accomplished over the past year, giving special emphasis to key events and how valuable they were for participants.

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Next, Adam Hsu, Director of Programs at CAUSE, gave an overview of the accomplishments the Leadership Network achieved as a program, including the establishment of the Leadership Network itself. Through this year’s programming, members were able to develop greater leadership skills, and the network as a whole was able to build strong partnerships and connections with other organizations.

20181218 cln4

Lisa Thong, Policy Coordinator at API Forward Movement and member of the Leadership Council, highlighted the accomplishments of the individual members of the network, while emphasizing the importance of network members supporting each other as they reach different stages of their professional lives.

Afterwords, members were given time to continue conversations amongst themselves, asked to review and fill out recommitment forms, and invited to provide feedback to Leadership Council members for 2019.

We thank all of the CAUSE Leadership Network members for a great and productive 2018!