Training Session #1: “Navigating Crucial Conversations”

CAUSE Leadership Network

Los Angeles, CA – On Thursday, June 8th, CAUSE held the first Leadership Network Training Session of 2018 at the CAUSE office.

The session featured Executive Leadership Coach, Hayden Lee, and focused on the topic of “Navigating Crucial Conversations”.

Hayden Lee speaking to the CAUSE Leadership Network

Hayden started off the session with an empathy exercise, asking the participants to make unobstructed eye contact with a partner for four minutes. He asked them to imagine their partner’s reactions and feelings in various situations, and to reflect on how the session challenged their sense of comfort and vulnerability.

The presentation continued with Hayden explaining the various levels of listening, and the importance of discussing tentatively to avoid accusatory tones. He shared several more tips on how to best approach difficult conversations and highlighted the benefits of transparency in communication.

Hayden Lee speaking to the CAUSE Leadership Network

Lastly, everyone participated in an exercise where, given a emotionally-charged situation, they would need to reach a solution through having a crucial conversation based on understanding and empathy.